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We are corporate construction experts.

TEPCON Construction: Your Full-Service Corporate Construction Expert

TEPCON Construction: your full-service corporate construction expert. We understand the work because we’ve done the work. We believe that by bringing our facility knowledge and relationship culture to every project, we can positively impact results and the personal satisfaction of our clients, employees and subcontractors. It starts with establishing every job the same way: by listening to our clients. Utilizing our former facility and operations knowledge makes us experts in our field, but our forward-thinking, partnership mentality makes us who we are.

Founded in 2003, TEPCON employs nearly 50 people and promotes a culture that revolves around the core values of Respect, Safety and Teamwork. At the company’s roots, every member of our team demonstrates these qualities in their interactions and decisions, from clients to vendors to co-workers. Our core values are serious to the way we operate. It’s an internal practice between TEPCON employees, as well as an external practice between the company and every person we come in contact with. Regardless of the scope of work, every project is relationship-focused and quality-driven.

The TEPCON Difference:

At its core, the TEPCON difference is, the difference between being a full-service general contractor as opposed to a broker contractor. We’re a construction office, and we self-perform select trades, whereas brokers do not. What does this mean for you? Faster results and consistent labor. Plus, TEPCON helps you assemble the best team for your specific challenge while maintaining a consistent, professional worker aesthetic. Our goal is to blend into corporate environments and bring the best possible service. A few examples on how we do this are; drug screen and background checking every one of our employees, we are uniformed and most importantly have very stick guidelines when it comes to occupied environment work.

The TEPCON difference is a combination of controlled project costs, timely scheduling and unmatchable quality. Trust TEPCON for your next full-service project and experience quicker scheduling, consistent laborer branding and more. Between reducing the labor and operating costs of your project to not requiring long-term contracts, TEPCON aims to make your next project as seamless as possible. We understand Property and Facility Managers and are experts at working in occupied environments. That’s why we offer in-house resources for Project Management and Facilities Construction Services. Depend on TEPCON to become an extension of your team. Your goal is our business.

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