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Partnering is a method of delivering construction services whereby the owner, facility manager, or property manager and the contractor team up to do a project or series of projects together. This process delivers projects on a cost-effective and timely basis because it builds upon a philosophy of trust, respect, and long-term relationships. Partnering works best when an owner and contractor develop a relationship to the point that the team is built early in the life of a project allowing the contractor to take the lead role and essentially quarterback the decision-making process.

There are many advantages to the owner who has built the relationship. The partnering contractor has knowledge of the building(s) and can assist with fixing problems, large or small, whenever needed. Because the relationship is built upon past experience, mutual trust, and cooperation, there are no questions as to billing, contracts, or change orders being signed before doing the work. The contractor is the extension of that company, essentially a risk-free in-house construction department.

Partnering also has benefits with the design team and subcontractors:

  • The team knows and works well together and can count on each other to be there when there is a problem
  • There is an agreed upon method to solve problems
  • There are no surprises
  • Control costs
  • Confidence in what is going on at your facility
  • Decision-making is expedited
  • Increased construction innovation & creativity
  • Easier coordination on safety issues
  • You plan ahead, and there are no changes
  • Fast-tracking is easier
  • You exceed expectations
  • The owner saves money

The owner may decide to develop a permanent team who partner with each other on all projects. At this point, the team works with you not for you allowing for a team mindset. It’s an OPEN BOOK / COST PLUS relationship providing transparency to where all the money is being spent. There is no markup of sub-trade or materials.

“Caliber believes in teaming with our General Contractors/Architects and other consultants and treating them as partners instead of a transaction service provider. We then have trusted partners to work with it creates a much better value to our clients and investors and makes the development much more rewarding for all parties involved”

– Tom Harrison, Vice President of Construction Management at Caliber Companies

Using the Partnering delivery method provides multiple benefits to the owner including no hidden costs because of the OPEN BOOK/COST PLUS services. This is the very best way to take care of your facility and save money in the process. It’s the best-kept secret around!

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