We start every job the same way, by listening.

With over 50 years of experience in the facilities construction field, the TEPCON Team understands every aspect
of the construction process and the challenges that can arise. Our experience allows us to ask the right
questions from day one. We focus on project goals and expectations to achieve the most successful outcome
possible for your project. Our team incorporates this philosophy across the board with our clients, team and our
trade partners.
These core values drive who we hire, how we make decisions and what we do every day.

• Treat others in a courteous, fair and equitable manner
• Value differing points of view and styles
• Acknowledge successes and the contributions of others

Safety & Teamwork
• Be mindful of the safety of ourselves and others
• Be willing to cooperate with others and share resources
• Bring out the best in others to achieve the best results

Customer Service
• Listen to others and strive to understand their needs
• Focus on solutions
• Be relationship focused and results driven

Positive Attitude
• Focus on solutions not problems
• Take the initiative and responsibility for one's own actions
• Be positive and be thankful
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